Tems biography٫music career٫net worth٫education & more

Tems Biography

Tems Biography

Tems baby٫whose real name is opeyemi Temiladeis a Nigerian alt-R&B singer, songwriter and record producer.She popped out in 2019٫Releasing inspiration music with her beautiful voice.

Tems was raised by a single parent٫Her father was British, but her parents separated when she was five and she was brought up by her mum.

Tems Age:

Temilade opeyemi [Tems] was born on june 11٫1996. [24 Years old]

Tems occupation

Singer٫Song writer and producer.

Tems Music career

Tems’ songs are powerful, passionate and soothing. She’s a nerd and a goofy lady, she likes weird things and watching animal documentaries.Tems once stated if she wasn’t a singer, she would have loved to choose a career as a professor.

Tems Biography

Tems Awards and nomination 

in 2019٫Tems won The headies Award٫as the  “best female vocal performance”Due to the recipient of her hits song “mr Rebel”.

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Tems Record label

•Reset Industries

•Human Music

Tems Single songs:

Mr Rebel – 2018

Looku looku – 2019

Try me – 2019

These days – 2020

Tems education:

She attended “Dowen college” in Lekki and studied and graduated in economics in Johannesburg.

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Its all started from….

As a youngster, Tems adored Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child; she felt fretfulness and powerful urge to sing. At age 11, she began to prepare her voice to truly get into music:

Tems joined the ensemble in secondary school, recorded tunes each day with her senior sibling who had a guitar. She became companions with her music educator, who gave Tems access to proficient assistance with her music at a youthful age. “He presented me to a great deal of music. Furthermore, that was the place I truly got the drive”, she says. “I just contemplated internally that, that is the thing that I needed to do”. She figured out how to play the piano, and intensely expended everything from Asa, Frank Ocean, Amy Winehouse, Adele, Beyoncé, and Rihanna, for their genuine enthusiastic substance.

Tems Net worth:

Tems is one of the fast rising Nigerian artist with an estimated networth of $150,000.


According to her, she’s “driven by God and life” and her music, undoubtedly, comes from her soul and written, “for people who feel misunderstood and want to be free”.

She talks about the inspiration to both lead singles saying: ‘Try me’ is a call to break free from societal, mental and spiritual bondage, it’s inspired by the need to be oneself unapologetically and standing up for what you believe in. ‘Mr. Rebel’ is a conversation between me and someone who is pretending to be strong and tough but is really indecisive and scared and I’m here to calm him down and show that I see through it all.

Tems relationship status

No publicly known relationship at the moment. She’ll rather want to focus on music and build her brand.

Tems social media handle:

Are you a fan of tems baby? Check out her social media handle below👇

• twitter. – temsbaby

•instagram – temsbaby



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